Academic Inquiry

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Academic Inquiry
The teaching management department is one of the important functional departments of the college. It undertakes the teaching of the college: teaching, teacher teaching management, curriculum construction management, assessment management, etc. The quality of its work and the efficiency of its work directly affect the level of schooling and the college image, the daily management of each student, the management of the class teacher, the management of the dormitory, and the organization of the student union, provide guidance and help to students in their daily study and life. Enrich campus life by offering students a variety of competitions or evenings. Based on the people-oriented educational philosophy and training objectives, the following work requirements are specifically formulated:

1. According to the development plan of the cooperative project, propose measures such as teaching reform, school-running mode and implement it after approval;

2. Regularly organize various profession or project leaders to formulate and revise teaching documents such as teaching plans and syllabus, supervise and inspect the implementation and completion of plans and outlines;

3. Review the start-up plan for each semester, and review the teacher's qualifications and the rationality of the general schedule;

4. Organize the development of various teaching management documents, including relevant teaching regulations, methods and implementation rules.

5. Assist various departments of the college to do a good job in teaching management, organize the inspection of all aspects of teaching, conduct comprehensive quality management on all aspects of the teaching process, and evaluate and evaluate the teaching work of each major.

6. Students daily learning management, bedroom management, exam management and so on.


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