Why Telfort

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Why Telfort


Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT) was formed by the merger of four national demonstrative higher industrial institutions -- Shanghai Light Industry College, Shanghai Metallurgy College, Shanghai Chemical College and Shanghai Research Institute of Fragrance & Flavor Industry. In the past 60 years, SIT has always adhered to the "application technology"-based characteristics, maintaining close ties with the metallurgical, chemical and light industries, laying the foundation for the further development of the school.

In 2007, SIT passed with excellent results the undergraduate teaching quality assessment of the Ministry of Education. In 2008, SIT became the authorized unit of master's degree and started its postgraduate education. In 2010, Fengxian new campus was completed and became the main campus of SIT. With the approval of the Ministry of Education, it was renamed as “Shanghai Institution of Technology”in 2016, achieving a leap-forward development in its history. SIT has won the title of “Shanghai Civilized Unit”for nine consecutive years.


Now SIT has Fengxian campus and Xuhui campus, covering a total area of 923,684.6 m2 and a school building area of 496,221.88 m2. It covers 8  subjects (50 undergraduate majors included), 4 authorization points of master’s degree for primary subjects (including 22 secondary subjects and directions) and 3 authorized field of master's degree (19 secondary colleges included).

SIT focuses on full-time undergraduate education and is actively expanding in postgraduate education and international student education. Currently it has 16,154 full-time students, including 14,431 undergraduates and 1,104 postgraduate students. The total value of existing teaching and research instruments and equipment has reached 544 million RMB. The school library has a total of 1,166,500 paper collections, 864,500 e-books and 51 Chinese or foreign language network databases. With a complete computer network service system, it has built a high-speed three-tier campus network architecture with 10 GB as the backbone, providing 497 video courses on demand. 


SIT has 1,662 faculty members, including 1,033 full-time teachers. 528 teachers are with senior professional and technical positions, of which 127 have senior titles. In SIT, teachers with master's degrees or above account for 89.55% of the total, among which 534 have doctoral degrees, accounting for 51.69% of the total. SIT has set up a incentive plan for teachers who are engaged in daily teaching, established a sound and effective employment mechanism, and also attached great importance to the cultivation of teachers' professional practical ability. Teachers who had working or practical experience in related industries account for 35.7% of the total.


SIT has established extensive exchanges and cooperation with 105 universities and colleges in 25 countries (regions) including Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Oceania, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Nearly half of the international students come from countries along the Belt and Road. Currently SIT has 1 Sino-foreign cooperative education institution (Telfort Business School) and 4 undergraduate Sino-foreign cooperative education projects in Marketing, Mechanical Design and Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, and Applied Chemistry. At the same time, SIT introduces excellent foreign teachers and invites foreign experts and scholars to participate in its teaching and research work.