Providing students with vocational planning ability training and safe employment recommendation
As a Chinese-foreign cooperative education institution that trains international application talents, the cultivation of students' future career development ability is always one of the school's missions. While cultivating students' mastery of international professional management knowledge and application skills, the college further educates students to establish a correct outlook on life and values, helps students improve their self-motivation and self-management skills and provides guidance and assistance for students' future career and development planning. The college has a dedicated student career planning service center, which provides comprehensive vocational skills training and enterprise internships for students, formulates systematic career planning for students, and provides support services for graduate students' domestic employment recommendation.
  • Our Advantages
    • Customizing career plans tailored to individual development needs and provide comprehensive vocational training and coaching.

    • Providing students' vocational courses and corporate internships in all aspects according to social development and corporate employment standards.