Telfort has cultivated over 10,000 senior talents with interdisciplinary application skills and international vision

Brief Introduction

This program is an international art design and application major that combines technical application and artistic creation jointly developed by Telfort and several internationally renowned art colleges in Britain and Australia. It is established with the dual goals of further study abroad or domestic employment.

Based on the latest international technology and theory, this program aims to cultivate middle or high-level internationalized talents with solid digital technology application ability and artistic creation ability, as well as a good international concept and English communication ability.

Program Highlights

● Adopting the most advanced and fashionable teaching mode and teaching concept in the world; the leader of the discipline is a  internationally renowned art design master himself and would closely follow the international advanced teaching level.

● All the small-class teaching is adopted in the way of quality education. Senior Chinese and foreign teachers would conduct one-on-one course counseling to provide students with multiple education services.

●Relying on the latest international technology, the foreign partner universities would participate in joint management, conduct teaching evaluation and provide timely teaching support. This is to make sure that students would be qualified for further study in foreign counties.

● Students may choose 2+2、3+1 or 3+2 program for undergraduate or postgraduate study, which all include one year of study abroad. After passing all the courses, students can obtain an undergraduate or master's degree from our partner university overseas. Telfort offers economic, safe, convenient and high quality study abroad services and is exempt from agency fees.

Optional majors

Visual Art Design, 3D Animation, Online Multimedia Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design and Effects, Product Design, Industrial Design, Game Design, Film and Television Post Production.

Academic Mode and Certificate

Study in China2years3years3years
Study abroad2years1years1 year (Pre- Masters) + 1 year
CertificateInternational UndergraduateInternational UndergraduateInternational Master

Registration Notice

Enrollment requirements:Current or previous college graduates, under graduates (including last-year university students) (nationwide). Accommodations are available.
Way of admission:Applicants are required to pass the English language test organized by Telfort. Applicants with an IELTS score of 5.0 or above are accepted without the entrance test.
Materials required: Please bring your ID card, diploma or proof of attendance (original), 1 inch registration photo (×2)

Contact Information

Telephone:021-66491258   13917907260  Mr. Sun
Address:Building 46, 120 Caobao Road, Shanghai (near Guilin Road, in the campus of Shanghai Institute of Technology)
Bus route:804, 732, 43, 946, 712, 92, 224, 909, 93, 830, Exit 4 of Guilin Park, Line 12