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Telfort provides students with multiple ways of studying abroad services and over 30 prestigious universities in the UK, USA and AUS to choose from.
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A For Telfort International Business Institute employs foreign experts and teachers, English is the only teaching language of this college. Students must spend 2-3 years to study and complete all the prescribed courses. They must be provided with good English skills and college settings. The courses have been approved by foreign affiliated institutions, and some overseas affiliated colleges give priority to admission and credit transfer as long as they hold an international diploma issued by the college. As a teaching institution for cultivating international talents, Telfort actively cooperates with famous universities in foreign countries in order to meet some of the willing of continuing to study abroad. It is in line with the school's mission. It is completely different from the nature of the company’s recommendation that students go abroad to study abroad. The college does not charge an intermediary fee.
A Since its inception, Telfort has been committed to developing curriculum cooperation with famous foreign universities. Currently, it has established cooperation projects in nearly 30 international universities including the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.
A The United Kingdom is one of the countries with the largest number of cooperative projects in the college for many years. Going to the UK has the following advantages and characteristics: The UK has a shorter academic system than the rest of the world, and the master's program takes only one year. British universities have a strict academic style, because the short-term academic system will be lower than the cost of studying abroad in other countries. Secondly, the national security of the United Kingdom is better. For students to study abroad, parents must be the key consideration for the safety of their children. During the study abroad in the UK, students can go to the local medical institution to apply for a medical card with a student visa. In case of illness, they can go to the local medical institution for treatment free of charge, and relieve the worries of illness during their study abroad. British students can work legally on a visa basis, work 20 hours a week, and enjoy the British government's hourly minimum wage protection for unlimited holidays. Working can become an important part of studying abroad. By working hard to better understand local culture and customs, and shortening the differences between Chinese and Western cultures, the UK has a long history and many historical sites. You can spend the holidays travel to Europe or transfer to Europe. Travelling here is very convenient.
A Telfort was established in 1998. Every year, we accept the application of our students to study abroad. The college staff have good working experience, and the students are meticulous and thoughtful, the application materials are adequately prepared, and the foreign partner institutions can provide good education. Admission conditions and full cooperation. Therefore, the pass rate of study visas accepted by our hospital has reached 100% over the years.
A Studying abroad is a big event for every family. In order to do a good job in continuing the study abroad, the school has a special study service department to provide students with a complete and excellent study service. Each year, the college organizes some overseas partner institutions to conduct on-site lectures to let students and parents know the latest information about studying abroad. The college also guide students to prepare in advance in terms of psychological and life skills. Parents can prepare students for study in advance according to the requirements. All funds provided proof of the financial ability require for the embassy visa. Specific details can be consulted at the College Study Abroad Service.
A To continue studying abroad, it is necessary to concern for various conditions, for example, do you have sufficient funds preparation? What is the purpose of studying abroad? These are all issues that the embassy attaches great importance to when providing visas. Therefore, students must be prepared for adequate financial and personal abilities, and choose the right school and major according to their own situation. These are issues that need to be considered in advance. Telfort will also guide students to make a good choice to better achieve the student's stated goals. 
A For college graduates, including those who return to China after graduating from overseas, Telfort will provide career planning services and employment recommendation services, which is an important embodiment of the college's advantage in running a school.
A The International Pre-Masters program (PMP) launched by the College is designed to provide students with a national or undergraduate degree in China. Students are required to complete a 9 to 12 month international master's degree course at Telfort, then study abroad for one year in the partner university, and finally obtain a master's degree.  This kind of learning method can reduce the education investment of students and save 300,000 to 500,000 RMB. In addition, Telfort also provides free study abroad services, thus save the intermediary fee of  20,000 to 30,000 RMB.
A When students studying in the UK are about to apply for a UK university, we will pay attention to the UK university rankings and UK university professional rankings for UK university and university majors. This will be a very important reference, which is also the most important for students. The ranking data will change every year, and how to use the UK university rankings and the UK university professional rankings will help friends who are interested in studying in the UK better choose the institution that suits them.

This situation is often encountered. The comprehensive ranking of a certain school is very low, but the professional ranking is very high; the other school is just the opposite, the overall ranking is high, and the professional ranking is low, and he/she don’t know how to choose. This kind of situation is common. Choosing a school is not a trivial matter. It is related to your own future. If you choose the wrong one, you can regret it. What needs to be explained here is that we have to look at the specific meaning of the school you choose in the ranking. I personally think that the relative ranking of professional rankings is more important to us. Since the employers in our country are somewhat similar to the United States, they attach great importance to the school's comprehensive reputation and reputation. The habits of the past years have led us to think that the United Kingdom is also such a country, but it is not. In the UK, most people, especially employers, don't care much about your school's reputation and ranking. They value your personal achievements and experience. Even if you are from the bottom-ranked school, as long as you have good grades and work hard, you will have equal employment opportunities with those who graduate from other schools.

In addition, a school with a high professional ranking and a low overall ranking often invests a large amount of money in the profession to maintain its leading position in the profession, which brings great benefits to students who have studied this major. The benefits are self-evident, and everyone understands that I won't waste my breath. Of course, if you have a good overall ranking, a school with a good professional ranking is the best thing. However, sometimes there is such confusion: one of the two schools is a professional strong school, and the comprehensive is OK; the other is a comprehensive strong school, and the profession is not bad! That is to say, the situation of the two schools is similar. In this case, we don't need to entangle in the rankings. Please consider economic factors such as tuition, living expenses, environmental factors and your personal hobbies in. It is not difficult to have a lot of results.


Since the release of Times in 1992, it has attracted the attention of countless people, and overseas students basically choose schools by reference to rankings. Chinese students are no exception, and our situation is even worse. It is not difficult to find that in the current China, if you want to know the information of a British university, besides watching his homepage is to look at the rankings. As for the comparison of several majors in several schools, our information channels are even narrower. In addition to the rankings, there is no information to obtain. Ranking is the only way we can compare schools and professions. The situation in Western countries is better. The educational institutions in the UK have organized and planned branches in those countries. The preferential policies on education policies also make their information channels for international students wider.

However, with the reform and opening up of our country and the acceleration of education industrialization in the UK, the gap between us and the Western countries is narrowing. The information transparency of the rankings will be higher and higher, and the students will know more and more. If our country's education department carries out this aspect work in time,coupled with the strong cooperation of intermediaries, and the correct guidance of the information channels of international students, is very helpful for us to get rid of the absolute dependence on the rankings as soon as possible.

What our students can do now is to look at the rankings correctly, stay awake, and not rely too much on the halo effect of rankings. Learn to filter all types of data in the rankings to find useful information. Good at using network resources to collect relevant information. You need not to be smug or distressed for ranking problems, and you don't have to try to do any of this, because we can't have any impact on the authors of the rankings. The endeavor is to complete our studies, and this is our ultimate goal.