Providing students with vocational planning ability training and safe employment recommendation
  • Tianwei Han

    2015 graduates working for Citibank Channel Expansion Department

    During my two years at Telford Business School, professional business administration courses and international education have laid a solid foundation for my future study abroad. Career planning assessment has enabled me to better find my strengths and make me clear about professional positioning and future career positioning. Through the accumulation of knowledge in the school, I have successfully entered the famous British University of London - Royal Holloway College to pursue a bachelor's degree in finance and investment management. After graduating back to China, I tried to break through and succeeded in entering the world's top 500 companies. I am very grateful to my alma mater, Telf, who not only let me learn the knowledge, but also let me clearly set the career direction and goals and finally reached a dream.
  • Qiwen Wu

    2016 graduates working at Bertelsmann Aowei Te Department

    During my three years of study at Telf, I have a good command of English communication and a systematic understanding of business management. In the last semester of Telf, with the help and careful guidance of the teachers of the College's Career Planning Department, I successfully entered the Fortune Global Financial Enterprise Bertelsmann Aowei Te Department Finance Department. During the internship, I learned more about the operations of the Finance Department, the basic duties of the finance department staff and how to efficiently complete financial related work. Here, I would like to thank my alma mater, Telf, for my professional knowledge and professionalism, which opened the door for my career, gave me the opportunity to enter the company and made me more confident about future.
  • Zhe Jiang

    2016 graduates working for SMG

    I am a graduate of the 2015 Digital Media Major. At the time of enrollment, I was as confused as most of my classmates in the future employment. However, with the help of professional course teachers and the help of the school career planning course, I have been in charge of the internship of the Shanghai TV Station Variety Department since the third year of internship. During the preparatory and editing work in front of and behind the scenes, due to the hard work performance and the solid foundation of the basic skills, I was recognized by the leaders in TV station. In the selection of a few remaining people, I stood out and became a formal TV personality. Thank the school's three years of teaching for the harvest of all this, broadening my horizons in the ocean of professional knowledge. Thanks also to myself. Don't give up, don't sloppyly and march toward my dreams!
  • Lanjiao Xiong

    2013 graduates Internship at the British Consulate Cultural and E

    Through the recommendation of the Ministry of Career Planning, I got the opportunity to interview the Cultural and Education Section of the British Consulate. I have already entered the Cultural and Education Section of the Consulate. In the internship, we often need to work with British diplomats. My fluent English communication and let these foreigners Colleagues appreciated me at the same time. The international culture and customs concepts I studied at Telf also made me adapt to the working environment very quickly. I am very grateful to Telford for providing us with such good learning conditions. At the end of the internship period, I am going to study at the University of Huddersfield in the UK to continue my master's degree. I believe that I have the knowledge and ability that the College has taught me. In the future, I will be able to overcome difficulties and realize my dreams.
  • Lei Xu

    2013 graduates working for Bayer (China)

    I am introverted from a younger character and are not good at taking the initiative to communicate with others. After entering Telf, the small class and interactive teaching made me slowly change my personality and I am good at opening my heart and actively getting along with others. Telf's education and training not only allowed me to master international management expertise and English communication skills, but also the cultivation and training of professional ability has greatly improved my ability to get along with others and communicate. When I first entered the sophomore year, the career planning department teacher suggested that I should make targeted learning and improvement in finance according to my personality and specialty. When I graduated, the teacher of the career planning department recommended me in Bayer (China) to practice as a finance assistant so far. I am very grateful to my alma mater for the education!
  • Yingying Gao

    2011 graduates working at REINHAUSEN GROUP

    I am a student who graduated in 2011. In the second semester of my junior year, the College Career Planning Department recommended me to go to the TüV Rheinland Group for an internship. Through nearly one year of administrative work, my ability to handle people and handle various administrative matters has been rapidly improved. In particular, my ability to communicate in English has helped me get the opportunity to transfer jobs within the group this year. I am now a member of solar energy department. I really like my current job, I believe I can do better. Here, thanks to my alma mater, Telford International Business School, not only let me master the professional knowledge, but also help me to have a correct outlook on life and career, and let me take the first step in my career successfully.