Telfort has cultivated over 10,000 senior talents with interdisciplinary application skills and international vision
A According to the regulations of the Sino-foreign cooperative education school: Sino-foreign cooperative education is an educational and teaching activity organized by Chinese educational institutions and foreign educational institutions in China in accordance with the law and with Chinese citizens as the main enrollment targets. Sino-foreign cooperative education is also an integral part of China's education. After years of social practice, the model of Sino-foreign cooperation has played a positive role in promoting the development of education in China.
A Sino-foreign cooperative education has the distinction of institutions and projects. The institutions usually have independent legal personality and can carry out independent enrollment activities within the limits prescribed by the state. The project usually refers to the state approval of the nature of the curriculum as a school-running model. Both the organization and the project must be reviewed and approved by the local education authority, and the “Sino-foreign cooperative education license” is legally run. As a parent, you must understand clearly when choosing a school, otherwise it will be difficult for students to guarantee their future learning rights.
A When choosing a Sino-foreign cooperatively-run school or project, the first thing to look at is whether to hold the “Sino-foreign cooperative education license” issued by the local education authority, and then look at the local school’s local education level and academic influence. The international elements invested in the school process: foreign teachers, curriculum, selection of teaching materials and management models, etc., which is very important and vital for students to concern if they would like to enjoy diversified international study conditions after entering the school.
A  Sino-foreign cooperative education has become one of the important standards for institutions of higher learning in China to enhance and reflect their ability to run schools. It is also the first choice for some college entrance examination students. However, in the course of development, there will always be some unqualified institutions recruiting students in the name of international cooperation. But in the actual process of running school, the interests of students are harmed because their international teaching resources cannot be provided or guaranteed adequately. Therefore, to choose a Sino-foreign cooperative education institution, students and parents should go to the site to inspect the proportion of foreign courses in the professional setting, the proportion of foreign teachers and academic level, the background of the school and the graduation students’ situations. They can go to the classroom to listen to the lectures. Only through personal experience can they judge whether the international education resources and school running concepts of their chosen colleges are complete and mature. So the students’ learning goals and personal interests can be effectively guaranteed.
A In-plan enrollment means that students need to take the national unified college entrance examination and reach the admission scores of the admissions colleges. Business Management of SIT (Sino-Foreign Cooperation) is a planned enrollment program. Students who apply for admission must reach the admission scores of SIT. After completing the prescribed courses within three years, the students will separately receive the diplomas issued by SIT and Delter Business School. Unscheduled enrollment refers to the admission criteria that students have set through the college and meet the admission requirements. Upon enrolling in the full range of courses offered by the College,  students of Telfort will receive an International Diploma from Delter Business School Canada.
A After years of teaching practice and extensive international exchanges, Telfort has established cooperative relationships with more than 30 famous universities abroad. As long as you complete the project-specific courses in the country, you can continue your undergraduate or master's degree at a famous foreign university of your choice by 2+2, 3+1 or 3+2, 3+1+1. The college will provide the most secure study abroad services throughout the course.

Currently it is almost impossible for domestic graduates to study directly for domestic or international masters. Telfort International Business Institute can offer master's degree courses for domestic graduates to many famous universities abroad. After completing the Pre-Master's Program in China, students can directly apply for a master's degree. It has a very obvious advantage for college graduates to study for international masters.

Advantage 1: Saving time and money. According to the convention, if a domestic junior college student is studying for a foreign master's degree, it is necessary to pass the domestic two-year “professional promotion” or apply for a foreign undergraduate course. This takes two or three years and will cost 500,000 to 1,000,000 RMB. But if take the Pre-Master's Program, students can directly apply for a master's degree. which can save 300,000 to 500,000 RMB.

Advantage 2: The curriculum is well set, the foreign teachers are qualified, and the teaching quality is very good. Telfort adopted the Western “student-centered” teaching model, enabling students to master the necessary skills for learning, including thinking ability, teamwork ability, innovation ability, critical thinking ability, and independent research ability.


Advantage 3: According to the usual regulations of foreign universities, especially when applying for a master's degree, applicants are required to provide TOEFL or IELTS scores. Telfort can make full use of its foreign teachers and international teaching resources to provide intensive English teaching for some students with insufficient English ability, so that students can quickly reach the English level of foreign universities and be recognized by foreign universities.


Advantage 4: Through the Pre-Masters course and the visa conditions, students can enjoy the follow-up service in the foreign study process while obtaining the unconditional admission notice from foreign universities through the free service provided by the college.

A Telfort has a dedicated overseas service center to provide overseas study services for all applicants and is free of agency fees. As long as students choose the model for further study and the corresponding foreign universities according to their own conditions, the college is responsible for contacting and implementing the admission notices of foreign universities. At the same time, the college will also assist students in completing the preparation and review of personal materials required for visa applications. The college is responsible for and implements the pick-up and accommodation arrangements after the student arrives. The success rate of overseas visas accepted by the college over the years is 100%.
A The professional courses and teaching standards currently set by the college are fully consistent with the requirements of foreign cooperative universities and projects and are accepted by foreign cooperative universities. Since the students have fully enjoyed the full foreign teachers, all-small classes, and all-English international learning environment provided by the college during their studies in China. The college also attaches great importance to the cultivation and understanding of foreign cultural customs, so that students are familiar with international teaching modes and life concepts in Europe and America. Therefore, students can adapt to foreign learning environments and cultural customs very quickly after arriving abroad. From the analysis of overseas students in Telf, as long as students study hard, they can graduate and get the corresponding degree from foreign universities.
A As an international college that trains applied talents, graduate students with good professional skills are also one of the college's advantages and characteristics. The College has signed an Employment Recommendation Guarantee Agreement with all enrolled students to tailor a career plan for each student and to develop career planning throughout the entire teaching system. The school cooperates with the multinational human resources management company-Zhitong talents, and sets up a student career planning service center. According to the social development and enterprise employment standards, the school provides all-round vocational courses and skills training and awards the Qualifications of College Students for Career Development and Professional Quality Improvement Certificate to enhance students' employment advantage. The college provides protection for graduate students' domestic employment recommendation within 3 to 5 years after graduation. Students can fully enjoy the continuity of the employment recommendation service provided by the college. The employment rate of the graduates of Telford in the past year has reached 98%.
A The college and Zhitong talents work together to provide students with rigorous career orientation assessment and personality assessment, scientific analysis and summary of the assessment results and one-on-one tutoring based on individual characteristics and preferences of students to enhance students' Awareness of self and objective situations to establish more realistic career goals. The College will provide students with industry experience courses in conjunction with teaching arrangements to enable students to get to know and understand the target industry as soon as possible and deepen their understanding of the society. On the basis of appropriate career goals, good professional qualities and a more comprehensive understanding of the target industry, students should be assigned to business internships or trainees and finally make career recommendations until employment is completed. Systematic counseling also lays a solid foundation for further improvement and career development after students are employed.
A As a multinational human resource development enterprise, Zhitong Talent has set up a professional experience and employment service center in 20 major cities and 5 overseas countries and regions. It has more than 100 full-time human resources managers and more than 1,000 well-known corporate tutors. A number of practical career experience courses. The students' future career development enterprises are mainly Chinese-foreign joint ventures or export-oriented enterprises with domestic and foreign well-known enterprises and Fortune 500 companies.
A As Telfort is a secondary school of Sino-foreign cooperation of SIT, the leaders of Chinese colleges attach great importance to and support the development of Telfort. Students of Telfort can fully enjoy the library, gymnasium, cinema and canteen, or any other teaching facilities and resources in SIT.
A Telfort always attaches great importance to the ideological and moral education and quality training of students during their school years. The college has a special student management department. All Chinese teachers work full time as class teachers. The class teacher and student management department will communicate with students on a regular basis. Understand the students' learning and living conditions, and find problems in a timely manner. At the same time, the class teacher will also communicate with the parents according to the student's situation, so that the parents can timely understand and assist the college to do a good job in helping the students. The college implements a strict attendance system and strictly controls the occurrence of students being late, leaving early, and missing classes for no reason. For the residential student administration department, the class teacher and management staff will be arranged to conduct regular inspections so that students can meet the requirements set by the college, both in the classroom and in the living area.
A Telfort implements independent enrollment. The entrance examination mainly is designed for testing the students' comprehensive English ability. The college will select students according to their English test scores. If the student's English proficiency does not meet the college entry requirements, the student can enroll in the college to provide an intensive English proficiency program (two months), and the college will send a pre-admission notice to the student. The student will be enrolled through the English proficiency program to meet the admission requirements. Students are enrolled in formal admissions and enrolled in accordance with their English-language ability.
A Telfort student accommodation is based on individual student application. Due to limited resources in the student dormitory, the college encourages students in the city to be a day student. Students who really need accommodation can apply to the admissions teacher. The college will arrange the accommodation for students as soon as receiving the application form. The student dormitory is equipped with air conditioning. The monthly water and electricity fee will be paid by the students according to the usage of each housing student.
A Telfort conducts full-time classes from Monday to Friday. The course structure consists of main courses, supplementary courses, public courses and elective courses. Students arrange classes according to their respective schedules. The College arranges two hours of English Corner extracurricular activities (12:00~13:00, 17:00~18:00), which are hosted by foreign teachers, and students are free to participate.
A For students who participate in the Telfort’s self-enrollment exams and meet the college admissions requirements, the college will issue an admission letter and the college will also arrange an intensive English course according to the student's situation. If the student is admitted to the College Entrance Examination College, the College fully respects the student's voluntary choice.
A All the main courses of the college are taught by foreign experts and teachers from European and American English-speaking countries. English is the only teaching language. Students can communicate freely with foreign teachers in addition to classroom teaching. The college also organizes various activities according to the cultural customs of European and American countries, such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. Through these activities, not only the campus cultural life is activated, but also the students are more aware of and feel Cultures and customs all over the world. According to the teaching arrangement, the college regularly holds various English-style events, such as English karaoke competition, English newspaper competition, campus English culture and art festival, etc. to enhance students' enthusiasm for English learning. In order to enable students to better utilize their respective sports and artistic specialties and interests, the college also establish a student union, regularly organize campus basketball and other sports and art events through the student union according to the students' hobbies and  constantly enrich students' extracurricular life, more important. It is to train students' social organization and activities.