Why Telfort

Approved by the Ministry
Why Telfort
    • One of the earliest Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions approved by the Ministry of Education in Shanghai

    • 25 years of successful experience in running Sino-foreign cooperative schools

    • All courses are taught by foreign teachers, small class teaching, English-only learning environment

    • Trained nearly 10,000 interdisciplinary and internationalized applied talents

    • Cooperating with more than 30 world-renowned universities in the UK, the US and Australia and providing free intermediary services

    • Providing employment opportunities for graduates. The diploma issued by our partner university is recognized by the Ministry of Education.

    • Providing students with 2 to 3 years of pre-course education approved by partner universities, which can reduce the tuition fee by 500,000-750,000 RMB

    • Continuously providing free overseas study services for graduates, which may save you 20,000-30,000 RMB

    • Helping students prepare visa materials; 100% success rate of applying T4 visa over the years 

    • The learning skills training and life skills training help students adapt to the independent overseas life in advance.

    • Arranging and implementing the pick-up and accommodation for students on the first day they are abroad.

    • Providing follow-up services for students during their studies at an overseas university

    • Developing career plans based on student's own characteristics and conduct one-on-one tutoring and skills training.

    • Providing career planning courses and recommend students to internships in suitable corporate positions.