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Telfort provides students with multiple ways of studying abroad services and over 30 prestigious universities in the UK, USA and AUS to choose from.
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  • Mingwe Wu

    2012 graduate Studying in Northeastern University

    After three years of study at Telfort, I was able to become an undergraduate senior in Finance at Northeastern University. I am so honored and happy to recall the bits and pieces of Telfort. When studying at Telfort, the college was completely transmitted to our students with an international teaching concept, and provided us with a good English language environment, not only in the classroom, but also in extracurricular and English corner. Let us be in a learning environment similar to that of a foreign university. The professional foundation courses and learning methods offered by Telfort have laid a good foundation for me before going abroad. I was very happy for being able to enter one of the top universities in the United States. I am especially grateful to every teacher in Telfort. Thanks to their hard work that I was able to study at the world-famous university that I have dreamed of.
  • Haojie Lu

    2012 graduate Studying in Northumbria University, UK

    Studying abroad is indeed a very capable person, and it is a unique experience. It is inevitable to be in a foreign country to miss family and miss friends, but people always learn to grow up and learn to be responsible for themselves. I want to say to the students who are preparing to go abroad: going abroad needs to have the belief of facing the future alone. There are a few experiences that can be shared with the alumni: First, learning is not something that others can force. It depends on one step at a time. Second, although it is not difficult to go abroad, but as a life. The turning point needs to be carefully considered. Third, reading abroad, you can use the extracurricular life to know a lot of friends, but how to properly allocate time and energy to your successful academic completion is still great. Fourth, after school time, it is not recommended to go out to work unless you think learning is really easy.
  • Wenjie Xiao

    2012 graduate Studying at Huddersfield University

    There is bitterness and sweetness in studying abroad: everything that can be relied upon before suffering is lost. Life attitudes and study habits are quite different from those of the past; sweet is to find that they also have extraordinary independence. Sometimes I ask myself: Why didn’t I prepare for the essay speech now on the eve of the college entrance examination? When I was studying at Telford College, I was skipped by the teacher and returned to the office for education. The teacher’s words can still be heard in my ear. I didn’t think so, but now I’m doing it consciously? I left my home in Shanghai with my commitment to my parents and my sister. Now I’ve grown up consciously because of the pressure of learning and the changing environment. This is undoubtedly the most proud return.
  • Jiawei Wang

    2011 graduate Studying in Plymouth University, UK

    Looking back on the original, I first set foot on this land with a feeling of uneasiness and embarrassment. Before I went abroad, I thought that going abroad was too difficult. I felt that life abroad is destined to be lonely and hard. But when I really went out, I found that both the local students and the students from China or other countries were particularly friendly, which made my study abroad life very exciting. One year of foreign life is really short, but for me this year's experience is a precious treasure. I am also grateful to my alma mater, Telf, for giving me such a learning platform.
  • Sheng Zhao

    2011 graduate Studying in the University of Northumbria, UK

    I chose the Telfort 3+1 course, and after the UK I rose to the third and final year of the university. There are not many courses in this semester, and the main tasks are basically the papers arranged by the tutor. Therefore, it takes a lot of time to read the books related to the profession. Wanted is basically a common thing. Studying abroad is a very real thing. In addition to thanking Telf for giving me a good platform to go abroad, I would also like to thank my parents for letting me see and know myself more, as well as my own life and the direction of my struggle.
  • Hong Su

    2011 graduate Studying in the University of Peding, USA

    In June 2011, I ended my two-year course at Telford International Business School and chose Patten University in the United States to complete my remaining two years of study. In the country, because of the education system, you can't read it and the amount of tasks is heavy. However, in foreign countries, there are relatively few less time for homework, and the teacher is less serious. So if you want to learn the content, you are completely by yourself. In foreign countries, foreigners pay most attention to your usual scores. Fortunately, I have already contacted this learning model in advance in Telfort, which will help me to successfully complete my studies abroad.
  • Xiaotong Lu

    2011 graduate Studying in the University of Northumbria, UK

    The class time in the UK is not as early as black in the class time in China. At 10 o'clock in the morning, there are not many classes, but every minute in the class is worthy of a good grasp. In addition to listening to the teacher's class content, timely interaction and communication with the teacher is a good way to improve your English ability, and improve your writing level while constantly modifying and trying to figure out. Thanks to Telfort's study, I am able to adapt to the life here, and I wish my alma mater is getting better and better!
  • Quanwei Li

    2010 graduate Studying in Lancaster University, UK

    I came from a beautiful city named Yancheng, Jiangsu. I was not satisfied with my college entrance examination. I passed the ideal university in China. Through the introduction of my cousin in Shanghai, I had a close relationship with Telfort. After I entered Telfort, my English level, professional knowledge and abilities were quickly improved with the interactive teaching mode provided by the college and the help of Chinese and foreign teachers. After studying for two years in Telfort, I passed the college's study abroad service was first admitted to the University of Northumbria, UK, by Telford University. After completing my undergraduate degree, I was admitted to the University of Lancaster in the UK with excellent results. Thank to Telfort for training and educating me, so that I can go abroad and step into the halls of world-class universities.