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Academic Inquiry

College Student Safety Education——Compliance Law

2019-01-21 1501

1.What harm does the student have to participate in gambling?

  Gambling is an ugly social phenomenon. It is an illegal act for the purpose of possessing the interests of others. Therefore, the school prohibits all gambling activities. If a college student participates in gambling, the harm will be multifaceted:

    (1) Affecting learning, ruining academics;

    (2) Violation of the student dormitory (apartment) management convention and school discipline regulations;

    (3) Destroying the relationship between the students and disrupting the normal order of public security;

    (4) It is extremely easy to cause crime.

2.How to prevent the invasion of drugs?

    (1) Students should fully understand the harmfulness of drugs, strengthen their own learning and cultivation, and cultivate noble sentiments and moral concepts.

    (2) Actively participate in cultural and social activities and community activities to cultivate a wide range of interests and avoid an isolated lifestyle.

    (3) Improve the ability to prevent drugs, do not make friends with drug abuse habits, and do not listen to other people's rumors.

    (4) Never try drugs by curiosity to prevent addiction and make it difficult to extricate yourself.


3.What if someone invites you to do something that is not conducive to school stability?

    Stability is the prerequisite for development, and development is the top priority for our party to govern and rejuvenate the country. Students should cherish the hard-won learning opportunities and consciously maintain the stability of the school. If someone invites you to do something that is not conducive to school stability, how should you handle it properly?

    (1) It is necessary to distinguish between right and wrong and discriminate. If it is your friend or classmate, you may wish to point out to him that although he may not be able to listen to it for a while, or even hurt him, he will thank you in the future, at least you as a friend of his heart.

    (2) You should keep a clear mind and a rational move. Help your classmates or friends to weigh the interests and give advice. On the one hand, they will discourage them from going too far. On the other hand, they will help them find ways and ideas, and solve problems through normal channels.

    (3)Don't listen to and spread rumors, don't believe in others' provocation, and don't participate in illegal activities.

    (4) In order to avoid the intensification of conflicts, you have the responsibility and obligation to take the initiative to report the situation to the school, college leaders or teachers; let the organization work to prevent various types of emergencies.

4. What should I pay attention to in foreign affairs?

    (1) Do not enter foreign embassies and consulates and foreigners' houses without permission from the foreign affairs department, and do not communicate with foreign institutions and individuals.

    (2) Don't talk freely with foreigners about my internal situation to prevent disclosure of state secrets.

    (3) To maintain nationality and personality, not to ask foreigners for property, to borrow yellow books or illegal publications, and to not allow foreigners to bring prohibited items and forward expressions.

    (4) During the event, pay attention to your own image, civilized language, behave properly, and not humble.

5.What should I do if I have opinions on school management?

   Going to college is different from staying at home, and things that don't go well will inevitably come into being. Such as: things lost, can not find back, food does not fit the appetite, etc., have opinions on the school management work, my heart is not happy, can reflect the situation, the purpose of reflecting the situation is to solve the problem, so two comments for the students to refer to:

    (1) It can be organized by counselors, tutors, and party organizations at all levels, or directly to the leaders of relevant departments to reflect the situation.

    (2) The way to reflect opinions should be sensible, but not emotional, and impulsive. It is not conducive to the stability of the school, and it is not conducive to the stability of the school.

6.What should I do if I pick up someone else's forgotten things?

     Some students forget their study and daily necessities in classrooms, canteens or other public places because of numbness. If they find any forgotten things, they should be handed over to security guards, teachers or directly to the security office.

7. How to prevent nuisance?

   The nuisance mainly refers to the disruption of the destruction of the campus order and the unprovoked provocation, infringement and even harm to the university students. Deliberate squatting, strong robbing, unreasonable troubles, chasing female students or female teachers on the campus, not only directly endangers the personal and property safety of teachers and students, but also undermines the normal order of the entire campus. In this regard, in addition to the school's relevant functional departments and the public security organs of the society and other organizations to prevent and combat, teachers and students have a hooligan trouble, have the obligation to boycott and stop. Specifically, college students should pay attention to the following points when encountering hooligans:

    (1) Be vigilant, be prepared, treat it correctly, and handle it with care. In the face of rogue nuisances provoked by illegal teenagers, don't panic and treat them correctly.

    (2) Fully rely on the power of organizations and collectives to actively intervene and commit illegal and criminal activities. If you find a rogue nuisance incident, you should report it to the security office in time.

    (3) Pay attention to the strategy, pay attention to the effect, avoid entanglement, and prevent the situation from expanding.

    (4) Conscientiously use legal weapons to protect others and protect themselves. In the face of rogue nuisance incidents, we must adhere to the principle of reasoning, not easy to do it, but also pay attention to observe and grasp the evidence.

      In addition to actively preventing and stopping the nuisance incidents that occur on campus, college students should strengthen their self-cultivation, constantly improve their overall quality, and strictly demand themselves. They must never be infected with rogue habits and let themselves stand in the ranks of the troublemakers. .