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Winners of Reading Activity in Winter Holidays 2024

2024-03-21 198

The winter English reading activity came to an end on March 19, 2024. A total of 57 English reading reflections from year one and year two students were received. The enthusiasm of students to learn about English speaking countries and expand their professional knowledge during the holidays was unprecedentedly high. After careful evaluation by the English and Business Teaching and Research Groups, the following 6 students have won the Excellence Award. Congratulations to them!

The winners and articles

Year Two Group

Recommended Reading Material - <The Richest Man in Babylon>

Language - English

The Richest Man in Babylon_副本.jpg

Excellence Award

Class202202 Zhang Yu Ting (Zora)

202202 张榆婷Zora(横图).jpg

Excellence Award

Class202201 Li Zhi Jie (Daniel)

202201 李志杰Daniel(横图).jpg

Excellence Award

Class202201 Li Yi Run(Daniel)

202201 李奕润Daniel(横图).jpg

Year One Group

Recommended Reading Material - <Accenture Life Trends 2023>

Language - English

Accenture Life Trends Report 2023.png

Excellence Award

Class202301 Zheng Tian Zi(Celeste)

202301 郑天姿Celeste(横图).jpg

Excellence Award

Class202301 Wang Xiao Rui(Xaiver)

202301 王晓瑞Xaiver(横图).jpg

Excellence Award

Class202301 Gong Zi Yi(Oscar)

202301 龚梓怿Oscar(横图).jpg