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Winning Teams of TELFORT English Speech Presentation Competition Announced

2024-03-15 269

The TELFORT English speech presentation competition concluded on March 12, 2024. It is hosted by Telfort, with senior teachers from the English teaching and research group and the business teaching and research group serving as judges. The participants are students majoring in Business Management in all grades. Based on the evaluation results of the judging panel, the following individuals or teams ultimately win and receive awards. Let's congratulate them!

Information of Winning Students

Year Three Group

Title - Global Leader's Quest: Navigating Future Challenges in Multinational Management

Linking Course - Multinational Management

Instructor - Mary Acosta

11 李济东 侯嘉诚 王洲 李陈开米_副本.jpg

First Prize

Class202101 Li Ji Dong(Richard)

7 李济东_副本.jpg

Class202101 Li Ji Dong (Richard) - “AI is a hot topic on the internet and among the public. However, few traditional firms use AI to support their business and manufacturing. From the public, many people do not understand what AI exactly is and are afraid of AI because of many popular science fiction novels, dramas, and movies. From the management groups, they do not realize how important AI will become. So, in my presentation, I’d like to introduce AI and its faction in future and explain why it could be dominance in life and workplace. Then, I talk about the potential problems that AI could cause in future and my recommendations on how to avoid them. All the content in my presentation aims to appeal to firms to pay more attention to AI and to prepare the coming questions from AI.

Second Prize

Class202101 Wang Zhou(Louise)/Hou Jia Cheng(Mark Hou)

5 王洲_副本.jpg

8 侯嘉诚_副本.jpg

Class202101 Wang Zhou (Louise) & Hou Jia Cheng (Mark Hou) - “Currently the technologies are well developed in the world; companies must be more creative in the application of technologies to maintain the competitive advantage. Al is one of the technologies which have various application and high potential need to be researched. It is significant to understand what AI can do now and the future of Al to minimize the cost and maximize efficiency.”

Third Prize

Class202101 Liu Yang(William)/Li Chen Kai Mi(Kemmy)

4 李陈开米_副本.jpg

CLass202101 Liu Yang (Williams) & Li Chen Kai Mi (Kemmy) - In this topic, we want to let audiences to understand about the importance of ethical problem and human rights in the future. People are more care about how human rights and the ethical problem in the multinational business. They might have the conflict between the benefits decision and ethical decision. That could cost the image about company in the international society have disappointing.

Year Two Group

Title - "The Global Business Landscape: An Analysis of a Corporation through a Resource/Institution-based View"

Linking Course - Global Business 

Instructor - Sunny Dong & Rudolf Herholdt

15 2022级获奖者合影_副本.jpg

First Prize

Class202201 Yuan Bei Chen(Sirius)/Li Zhi Jie(Daniel)

12 袁北辰 李志杰_副本.jpg

Class202201 Yuan Bei Chen (Sirius) & Li Zhi Jie (Daniel) - The pressure on companies like Nvidia or SpaceX to bring about change in society is enormous, and their decisions will be more relevant than those of other companies. Studying them also expands my knowledge; others might only learn about how a GPU really works. However, at the same time, I believe we need to master more diversified knowledge in this course.

Second Prize

Class202201 Chen Tian Xiang(Martin)/Deng Yuan Cheng(Frank)

13 邓元诚 陈天翔_副本.jpg

13 陈天翔、邓元诚演讲照片_副本.jpg

Class202201 Chen Tian Xiang (Martin) & Deng Yuan Cheng (Frank) - “From this topic we want to show Blizzard Entertainment's strategic choice of the Chinese market. How this multinational company adjust their market strategies in response to geopolitical economic changes, how to deal with the challenges of transnational cultural exchanges and cooperation, and take into account the regulatory environment, consumer behavior and changes in market demand when developing long-term business plans. 

Third Prize

Class202201 Song De Li(Dylan)/Zhang Han(Hans)

20 宋德立 张涵_副本.jpg

Class202201 Song De Li (Dylan) & Zhang Han (Hans) - “Through this speech, I hope everyone knows how much influence Tencent has as a well-known domestic enterprise, and how it can develop abroad. We can learn from Tencent's development model. This is very helpful for us to develop business thinking. Viewers can learn from Tencent's business model and investment methods. It is also helpful for my future work, allowing me to fully understand the business thinking of large domestic enterprises. 

Fourth Prize

Class202202 Zheng Wen Jue(Athena)/Zhang Yu Ting(Zora)

14 张榆婷 郑雯觉_副本.jpg

Class202202 Zheng Wen Jue (Athena) & Zhang Yu Ting (Zora) - “In this speech, we hope that everyone can know more about Chanel, for example. Chanel's brand philosophy is to want women to have the same right to beauty and freedom as men. You can also learn Chanel's operation skills and management mode. 

Year One Group

Title - Global Connections: Navigating Cultural Differences in International Communication"

Linking Course - Business Communication in English

Instructor - Marta Lopez

10 谭屹辰 蔡晴 李卓晔_副本.png

First Prize

Class202301 Cai Qing(Susie)

2 蔡晴_副本.jpg

Class202301 Cai Qing (Susie) - Overall, the film (Outsourced) uses the story of Todd being forced to improve the efficient of clients in India to show what will happen for the first experience and how people react and change during the cultural shock phases respectively. In addition, nonverbal communication plays an important role in these stages. It represents people’s emotions and potential intentions so that they can show themselves and talk with others when they don’t know how to express in words. On the other hand, some specific means of nonverbal communication can help us adapt faster and bring us closer by learning them in the unfamiliar environment.”

Second Prize

Class202303 Li Zhuo Ye(Collin)

16 李卓晔_副本.jpg

Class202303 Li Zhuo Ye (Collin) - “We should respect the local culture, keep our own culture, take part in local activities, work hard to learn the local language, and take the initiative to understand the new environment. The most important thing is to give to yourself enough confidence.

Third Prize

Class202301 Tan Yi Chen(Tracy)

1 谭屹辰_副本.jpg

Class202301 Tan Yi Chen (Tracy) - “Cultural shock is something that people living in foreign countries cannot avoid. When you go through these four stages of cultural shock, it doesn't seem to be a beneficial thing. However, when you fully adapt to a new culture, you will love it more fully. In this process, you learn how to communicate with others and understand the living conditions of people from different cultural backgrounds.