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Why Telfort

Year one students visited the West Bund Museum

2024-03-27 150

Recently, year one students majoring in Digital Arts visited the West Bund Museum with their teacher Rex. In the meanwhile, the museum was holding a personal art exhibition of modern artist Zheng Zicheng's "Farewell to the Coast", and the students were quite interested, they were carefully observing, discussing, and learning. On the same day, They also went to the outdoor exhibition at the nearby Tank Shanghai Art Center. The students took many photos with great enthusiasm, and they were quite excited as if they took a small step forward on the path of art.



Diary from a student

        “Today, in the design thinking and form class, we came with our teacher Rex to the West Bund Museum. It was a fine day with bright sunshine. We visited the oil painting exhibition "Farewell to the Coast" by young artist Zheng Zicheng in the museum. The exhibition revolves around the ocean, customs, and blood ties, leading the audience to wander between the emotions of leaving and returning. The theme of this art exhibition is to narrate a historical transformation in the painter's personal experience, using clues from daily life to echo the changes of the times through the ups and downs of individual fate. Some of the works are realistic and some are exaggerated, allowing people to see the real story and location, and also allowing people to experience the emotions that the painter wants to express in person, thus resonating with it. Bold composition, creative elements, and vivid oil painting colors leave a deep impression to the audience.





As one part of educational reform in Telfort, the number of extracurricular teaching hours has increased in all art courses, allowing students to have the opportunity to appreciate art through more on-site observations, learn the painting, sculpture, and photography skills of predecessors and emerging artists, which helps to integrate knowledge from books and form their own artistic style after exploring the secrets of arts.




(All photos taken by Rex)