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Why Telfort

Student Comments on Filp Classroom

2022-05-13 1630
In ancient times, Zhuang Zhou once dreamed that he had become a butterfly, and truly  realized the joy of a butterfly in nature, so that he was very confused when he woke up. Did he become a butterfly in his dream, or whether a butterfly became Zhuang Zhou in its dream? Zhuang Zhou got the true meaning of materialization and opened the door to a new world. Zhuangzi believed that just like dreaming and waking, the difference of all things is relative.

From this point of view, the so-called prosperity and adversity in daily life are not absolute opposites, it depends on what perspective we use to look at it. A recent survey on online study shows that after a period time outstanding students can quickly adapt to the new learning mode, and change their learning strategies and behavioral habits to optimize their learning effects. According to teachers’feedback, during the online class, most students experienced significant changes in the following areas:

1. Students have improved their abilities in time management so that the number of late students has decreased significantly.

2. The rate of homework submission and correctness has increased. Some students use image processing technology to beautify the pictures involved in the homework, and some use computer input instead of handwriting, which improves the aesthetics and recognizability of the homework.

3. The frequency of interaction between students and teachers has increased. Without the real sense of face-to-face communication, teachers and students are unconsciously raising the frequency of taking to maintain a sense of connection; some students like to ask questions during or after class if they are worried about missing the details.

4. Students' responsiveness to online messages increases. During the online class, all courseware, homework, auxiliary learning materials and learning resources are released by teachers via WeChat class group, Baidu network disk, Tencent conference recording, etc. Therefore, students need to always pay attention to and download them in time.

It is true that we are living in the e-age and have put our fingers on the pulse of technology. In a sense, online classes are not a temporary revolution brought to us by the epidemic, but allow everyone to observe the world from a different angle, so as to enhance life experience, gain knowledge, enrich minds, go beyond the id and obtain a new self.

Ela from Grade 2021

Due to the epidemic the start of Spring Semester has to be postponed. However, time waits for no man, and in order to complete the learning tasks as scheduled, our school has shifted all courses online. Even if we are stuck at home, we can still continue our study through online classes.

Online classes pushed our study and life back to the right track, and at the same time, I started to communicate with teachers and classmates whom I have not seen for a long time on the Internet. Hearing the warm greetings from the teachers every morning always makes me feel happy. In class, teachers patiently explain every point and give us guidance on effective learning. Although there is no classmates sitting around me as it used to be, but now I have a quieter learning environment, which allows me to calm down and focus in my study. During these days, our self-learning ability has been greatly improved, and we have gradually developed a good habit of independent thinking.

During the online class period, we are diligent and self-disciplined and perfectly complete our learning tasks. We strictly follow the requirements of epidemic prevention and control for personal protection. When the summer flowers are in full bloom, we look forward to seeing each other again!

Alex from Grade 2020

In today’s society, online courses are widely used in colleges providing easy access to course materials, classroom discussions, and feedback to instructors. The course materials and activities may be accessed from any computer, whether it is from the University or from the comfort of your own home. From my perspective, online courses are not only convenient but they teach you how to become a more disciplined scholar.

I have to be a successful distance learner. Since you won’t be physically going to class each day, you can take part in class from the comfort of your own home. But the teacher won’t constantly be there to remind you of assignments or project deadlines. Also one of the main objectives of college is to become a well-rounded individual and good communicator. Take my experience for example, once I finished my reading. I told my teacher Olya. I am down. Then, she quickly pointed out my mistakes and told me that you should say ‘done’. And I thank my teacher for fixing my error. I always think I am down right. So you see if you don’t talk to your teacher you probably don’t know you have made a mistake. In another class, we talked about the San Francisco Giants team which won the most titles and one of the most successful teams in MLB. However, I only knew that they have great athletic players and visionary coaches who built a wonderful winning culture.

I don’t know the other factors that contribute to their success. But at that time my teacher encouraged me and led me to think about technology and location issues. Then I realized that San Francisco is near to Oakland which has a sea of zealous and avid baseball fans. If a team can’t make a huge profit, it is impossible for them to build up a championship group. Moreover, San Francisco has the most advanced HD screen and computer. These machines can show the player’s speed, explosive force, and reaction ability. It greatly assists teams to reach their prime level. So you see, if I don’t ask my teacher questions, I won’t develop my verbal communication ability. Now, in middle and high school, my weak point is English. But in university, I overcame it. Because I have a good attitude and when I have a problem, I don’t feel awkward to ask questions and all of the teachers are willing to reply. So in my opinion, being an elite student isn't a complex issue. You need to have a good attitude, finish your project, presentation on time, and be an aggressive and hungry learner.

Lei from Grade 2020

In response to the epidemic, our school switched offline courses to online. Online teaching ensures that we students can learn courses even staying at home, it also allows me to experience the convenience brought by modern technology.

Online teaching has made me feel the convenience and diversity of online classes: now I don't have to leave home early in the morning, I just need to open the computer or APP installed in my mobile phone to begin daily learning. Unlike offline learning, without teacher's supervision, we need to urge ourselves to participate in online classes on time under self-discipline. Every day, I enter the meeting room in advance to ensure that I do not arrive late or leave early; I maintain a serious and positive attitude in listening to the lectures in the virtual classroom and answer all questions teachers ask me; after class, I complete the learning tasks assigned by the teachers in time. We learned to be responsible for ourselves and to arrange time reasonably.

I think I've completely settled into the online learning model. I also very much hope that the epidemic will be over soon.

Bonny from Grade 2019

A few days of online courses helped me get rid of the laziness from holidays and began to be fully engaged in the learning state.

Due to the epidemic, we were unable to return to school after the holiday, so we did not pick up books. Fortunately, the teachers are able to make full use of electronic textbooks and handouts to meet our needs for learning. In my opinion, the virtual classroom experience is no different from the offline classroom, but it is more flexible and the learning resources provided by the school are also very rich.

In the days of online classes, we seem to have more free time than ever before. I've heard an old saying, " Diligence can make up for what you lack.". Without teacher's supervision, we are being challenged by perseverance and self-discipline. During this period, I also realized some of my own shortcomings, and constantly improved my self-discipline and self-learning ability.

Through the continuous self-cultivation and exploration, I’m gradually knowing more about the most suitable learning method for myself, and swing in the joy of online classes. These days I believe we have all grown stronger and learned. something from life.

Just hope the epidemic will pass soon, and I wish you all the best!