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2020-2021 Telfort Student Welcome Ceremony was Held

2020-10-27 655
The Academic Year 2020-2021 Student Welcome Ceremony of Telfort Business Institute was held in Auditorium 116, Library Building on October 26th. The ceremony was presided over by Pi Baoan, Vice-President of Telfort Business Institute. Chen Jiaxu, President of Telfort Business Institute, Yang Bai, Chairman of Telfort Education Group, and Education Director Stephen Perrot attended the ceremony.






Chen Jiaxu extended a warm welcome to the 2020 freshmen and delivered a speech. He pointed out that after entering the university, freshmen should learn to deal with five aspects of the relationship, namely: personal prospect and national destiny, freedom and restraint, learning and self-growth, self-discipline and internet use, independence and collaboration. As young people in the new era, they should have goals in mind, be diligent and self-disciplined, knowing how to collaborate, and strive to create a bright future.




Yang Bai praised the students for their learning attitudes during the online courses and mentioned that in the past two years, a few students from Telfort were admitted by top British universities such as UCL, and more students were accepted by well-known UK universities for a master’s degree. He encouraged the students present to take this as an example, strictly self-discipline, and work hard to achieve academic goals.




Stephen made a speech at the ceremony, suggesting that students should cherish the good times in their lives, devote themselves to university studies with a proactive attitude, make full use of Telfort's high-quality educational resources, ask more questions in class and continue to grow and progress.

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On the ceremony, President Chen Jiaxu, Vice-President Pi Baoan, Chairman Yang Bai, and Education Director Stephen issued certificates to 20 winners of the "2019-2020 Excellent Performance Award". Student representative Lei Zixi and Yu Chaofan delivered their short speeches.



The ceremony ended successfully with the warm applause of teachers and students. Later on, the police officer from Cultural Security Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau conducted a security education to all students.