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Notification of Epidemic Prevention and Control Work during the Summer Vacation and Fall of 2021

2021-07-09 815

To all students and parents,

The summer vacation will start on July 9, 2021. The start time of the next school year is tentatively scheduled for September 13. According to the notice of the Municipal Education Commission and SIT on the COVID-19 prevention and control work, we hereby inform you as follows.

Epidemic prevention and control requirements during the summer vacation

1.According to the "Notice of SIT on Summer Vacation Arrangements in 2021", students leave school in an orderly manner before July 10 and are not allowed to stay without approval. Students leaving Shanghai should report to the college the specific information of departure time, destination, and transportation such as flight number and train schedule.

2.Starting from July 10, Fengxian campus and Xuhui campus will implement strict control. Students who have left school are not allowed to return to school without approval before the school open day

3.Students should pay attention to personal protection on their way back home, wear masks, wash their hands, and maintain personal hygiene. Minimize communication with others when taking public transportation. During the summer vacation, in principle, students should not leave the country or go to high-risk areas, reduce unnecessary outings, and reduce visits to crowded or relatively closed places.

4.During the summer vacation, all students should complete the online health declaration before 12:00 every day, and truthfully fill in their location, temperature and physical condition.

Epidemic prevention and control requirements for the fall semester

1.The registration time for students in the fall semester is September 11-12, and classes will start on September 13.

2.Students returning from high-risk areas should apply strict home health management 14 days before returning to school, and do nucleic acid tests twice. If the test results are negative, they can apply for returning to school.

3.Students from the city in which the medium-to-high-risk area is located (not directly from medium-high-risk areas) should do a nucleic acid test, and then apply for returning to school if the result is negative.

4.From August 23, students whose family members have returned from high-risk areas or abroad should report to the school and implement a 7-day self-health management at school.

Wish you all good health and a happy summer vacation!

Student Affairs Department