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Why Telfort

Telfort Education Director Michael was awarded the honorary member of DRI (China)

2017-10-25 1880


Yonggang Liu, CEO of International Business Continuity Management (China) Association (DRI China), made a special trip from Beijing to SIT-Telfort Business Institute on October 24th, 2017. On behalf of the Association, he awarded the title of ‘Honorary Member’ to the Telfort Educaiton Director Michael Howbrook and presented him with a certificate of honor.

The International Business Continuity Management (China) Association (DRI China) is a branch of DRI International, which was established in October 2007 by the China Business Continuity Management (China BCM) entrusted by DRI International. DRI China is a not-for-profit academic institution that is committed to DRII's mission to promote knowledge about business continuity management and business continuity programs through education and resource development, and to conduct international qualifications for individuals on BC/DR certification while enhancing the authority of the certified professional qualifications.

DRI China is the only authorized representative of the International Business Continuity Management Association (DRII) in China. It is responsible for managing DRII's international certification process for BCM professionals in China. This certification process is specifically designed for the internationally recognized Professional Continuity Planner (ABCP) and CBCP (Certified Business Continuity Professional).

In order to cultivate internationally qualified BCM professionals, SIT-Telfort Business Institute cooperates with DRI China to fully introduce DRII's research results and rich experience in personnel training, incorporating relevant courses of DRI China into the business management teaching system set up by the college, providing detailed curriculum education for students who are new to business continuity management and related professional theoretical knowledge, and also providing pre-test counseling for students preparing to take the certification exam. In 2016, Telfort students Jiaqi Sun, Kechun Zhu, Chao Yu, Yuzheng Hou, Shijia Wang and foreign teacher Brad Ford Bahl from the United States participated in the BC/DR international qualification exam  organized by the International Business Continuity Management (China) Association (DRI China)  and successfully obtained the international professional qualification certificate. As the Sino-foreign Cooperation school under SIT, TelforT Business Institute is the only business school in China that has the qualification to teach BCM international courses.


Michael Howbrook, the Education Director of Telfort Business Institute, is a world-class expert from the UK with many years of BCM theoretical research and rich practical experience, thus ensuring that the content of the course and the quality of teaching have reached international standards. In November 2014, Professor Andrew Hiles, founder of Kingswell, UK, as a personal friend of Michael and a world-class expert in this field, was invited to visit SIT-Telfort Business Institute and held a business continuity management seminar for all students. The best practice seminar was welcomed and praised by Telfort students and some students of Fudan University who came by.

The International Business Continuity Management (China) Association (DRI China) awarded the title of ‘Honorary Member’ to Michael Howbrook, the current education director of SIT-Telfort Business Institute, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the development of international senior professionals.