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Final Presentations of Class 2021 for Multi-course Joint Assessment Project

2024-05-29 117

Recently, the final presentations of the multi-course joint assessment project of Class 2021 was held at Hall 116 in the school library. Under the topic “Made in China: Impactful Solutions for a New Era! Building Social Enterprises with Purpose”, the students presented their innovative products or services with slides, analyzing the advantages and production feasibility of their new products and trying to attract the judge “investments” in simulated scenarios. The jury is composed of Telfort Vice-president Pi Bao An, Director of Academic Supervision Group Mary Acosta and a few senior business teachers. Some teachers and Class 2022 students majoring in Business also attended the presentation.

1 所有演讲团队与教师合影.jpg

In the multi-course joint assessment project, the final exams of four business courses are combined into one, requiring students to work as a team to complete a series of tasks such as new product development, market research, business analysis, etc., and cooperate to complete the final presentation and business plan. Students must integrate the theories and models learned in the four courses to analyze problems, develop business plans and strategies to bring new products or services to market. Throughout the semester, all student teams received one-on-one guidance from the teaching staff during the process of writing business plans.

During the presentation, students had an opportunity to get on-site comments and guidance from the judges. On the other hand, the students have won unanimous praise from the jury. 5 teams won the final prizes, congratulations to them!

List of Winners 

First Prize  Mark Hou & Baker  <Countryside Lavatory Construction>

2 第一名 侯嘉诚 孙秋懿.jpg

Second Prize  Kemmy & Jack  <Online Pet Butler>

3 第二名 李陈开米 沙天凯.jpg

Third Prize  Ann, William & Louise  <Green Connection>

4 第三名 孙芷珺  赵文涛  王洲.jpg

Award of Excellence   Richard & Charles  <Badminton and Tutoring Center>

5 第四名 李济东 崇世晟.jpg

Award of Excellence   Sabrina, Sara & Crystal  <Helping Rural Women in Guizhou>

6 第五名 刘畅 邵舒朎 伍芯瑶.png