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Telfort Graduation Ceremony 2024

2024-05-20 244

Telfort Graduation Ceremony 2024 was held at 1 pm on May 9th in Hall 116, school library in SIT Xuhui campus. The leaders attending the ceremony were Ms Li Xiao Jing, Dean of Continuing Education School of SIT and President of Telfort Business Institute; Mr. Brian Yang, Vice-chairman of Telfort Business Institute; Mr. Pi Bao An, Vice-president of Telfort Business Institute; Mr. Brian Matthew Keesee, Academic Director of Canadian Delter Business School, China office, and Ms Mary Acosta, Academic leader of Telfort Academic Supervision Group. Mr. Pi Bao An presided over the ceremony. Teachers and some faculty members attended the ceremony.

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School leaders presented 2024 Honorary Graduation Certificate and commemorative trophies to the outstanding graduates. Mark Hou, Baker Sun, Cecilia Cheng, Richard Li and William Zhao, 5 students won this honor. Congratulations to them!

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Mary, Academic leader of Telfort Academic Supervision Group, gave a speech encouraging graduates to carry with them what they have learned in school, dreams, passion, curiosity, and the unwavering spirit of achieving their goals to move towards the future, whether starting their careers, studying abroad, or venturing into new territories.

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Vice-chairman Yang Bai sincerely congratulated the 2024 graduates on achieving excellent results in school and successfully graduating! At the same time, he expressed gratitude to the Chinese and foreign teachers and staff who have worked hard. Yang Bai wishes graduates to bravely pursue their dreams and maintain a positive and enterprising heart in the next journey of life. He said I dont expect you to be influenced by negative emotions, try to overcome all difficulties to complete your studies, and develop your career well.

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Principal Ms Li Xiao Jing expressed gratified and proud for the growth and progress of the graduates in the past three years. She reviewed the history of the school and hoped that our graduates, together with the school, would have a bright future. Principal Li proposed the "three hearts", namely the heart of awe, the heart of gratitude, and the heart of altruism; "two attitudes" refers to faith and honesty in work, and love and dedication to life. Finally, she wished that graduates would have both the magnanimity of "a light boat has passed along  thousands of mountains" and the determination to "soar up 90000 miles" at the crossroads of life, ready to forge ahead and achieve great success!

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Representatives of the 2024 Outstanding Graduates, Hou Jia Cheng and Cheng Zhe, have delivered speeches expressing their gratitude to the school for its training and education during the past years. They said that the schooldays were precious and full of the imprints of youth. In the future, the graduates will embark on new journeys with what they have learned in school, and will definitely live up to their expectations and strive to become a better version of themselves.

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After the graduation ceremony, all graduates, school leaders, and teachers took a group photo.

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