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Why Telfort

Shooting activities at Hengshan Road

2023-03-15 1077

On March 7, year one students of Class202203, led by their instructor Will Pang, brought their photographic equipment and enthusiastically went out for street photography. The location of the activity was near Hengshan Road. It was the first off-campus photography learning activity organized in photography class.

After arriving at the shooting site, the students gathered together and listened to the instructor's short explanation on photography skills, and then began to take actions. After a while, they gathered again, exchanging opinions and what they had learned. Their instructor Will Pang explained: "If we had moved the same way and shot together, we would likely have had the same photos. I would like to spend more time taking the students out and participating in the street shooting activities. Photography, as a compulsory basic subject of the design major, is not only for interest. Of course, some students will fall in love with photography, and definitely not a few of them. In addition, photography can improve their ability to observe the environment and decide what should be in the picture. Street shooting activity greatly improves their ability of photography and gives them the chance to apply the knowledge learned from class to practical operation, and judge the composition, light, lens, etc. of photos according to the actual weather, scenes and objects. "

Year one student works display①Black and white (instructor: Will Pang)



In recent years, a few students began to apply for Photography when they decided to learn overseas. Students applying for this major need to add a large number of photographic works when preparing the portfolio, so the photography class has become more important. The outdoor photography activity is also a valuable opportunity for students who like photography and intend to apply for the photography major in the future to practice, accumulate and improve their skills.

Year one student works displayColour (instructor: Will Pang)



Although these exercises are kind of immature or even rough, this is their first attempt in photography class and the first step of their exploration and progress on the road of photography. We hope they can cherish this opportunity to fully experience the charm and interest of light and shadow art in photography class.