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The Challenge Of Will, The Power Of Cooperation --Outward-Bound Training Day for Class of 2016

2018-05-15 1805


Good team spirit and persevering hard work are the professional spirit and life attitude that the contemporary college students must have in the future development. 

In order to train and exercise students’ spirit of daring to face up to the challenge when facing the difficulties in their life, and to strengthen the spirit of teamwork, Ministry of Career Planning of the college, in partner with Zhitong Talent, organized all students of Class 2016 to carry out the training activities of the college students' team in Shanghai Communist Youth Forest Park on May 15th. Three projects were held at the event: team reorganization, hand-off chain, speed 60 seconds. The characteristics and requirements of the activities not only made students enjoy the activities to bring themselves fun, but also develop students’ team spirit of united as one, close cooperation, and overcoming difficulties. At the same time, the student improved their working attitude of organization coordination, following the command, fastidiousness, trusting each other.

Outward-Bound Training is also one of the contents of the vocational planning and training plan for students in school. Through the event, a number of students said: the event not only allowed us to experience the importance of teamwork in life and learning, but also allowed us to aware and improve our attitude towards life and professional development in the future. I hope the college can make use of our spare time to organize more students to go to the enterprise, to the life, to the society, which will improve our awareness and adaptability to the society and the workplace via a variety of activities.